Understanding AdBlue and Its Role in Car Maintenance

At Cromwell Garage, we specialize in car repair and maintenance services. One important aspect of modern car maintenance is AdBlue, a key component in reducing harmful emissions from diesel vehicles. AdBlue is a clear, non-toxic, and biodegradable fluid that is essential for the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system in diesel vehicles.

How AdBlue Works

AdBlue is stored in a dedicated AdBlue tank in the vehicle. When the car is running, a small amount of AdBlue is injected into the exhaust through an AdBlue injector. Inside the exhaust system, the high temperatures turn it into ammonia NH3 which reacts in the catalytic converter with harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) from the engine emissions and converts them into harmless nitrogen and water vapor, reducing the environmental impact of the vehicle.

The Role of AdBlue Pump in Delivery

The AdBlue pump is responsible for transferring AdBlue from the tank to the AdBlue injector. It ensures the precise amount of AdBlue is delivered into the exhaust system to optimize the SCR process. Proper functioning of the AdBlue pump is crucial for the efficient operation of the SCR system and emission control in diesel vehicles.

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Adblue resets and diagnostics
Adblue diagnostics coventry

Benefits of AdBlue in Car Maintenance

Using AdBlue not only helps reduce harmful emissions but also improves fuel efficiency and engine performance. By complying with emission standards, vehicles using AdBlue contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment. Regularly checking and refilling the AdBlue tank is essential to ensure the smooth operation of the SCR system and maintain compliance with emission regulations.

Trust Cromwell Garage for AdBlue Maintenance

At Cromwell Garage, we understand the importance of AdBlue in modern car maintenance. Our expert technicians are trained to handle AdBlue-related services, including tank refilling, pump checks, and injector maintenance. Trust us for all your AdBlue needs to keep your diesel vehicle running efficiently and eco-friendly in Coventry.

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